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These are the Voyages of
Bruce Kirk and
Competitive Edge Selling™

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You are here  BECAUSE ...


...You are a SPECIALIST in your field. But dream of a better future... a future where earning more trust, growing more sales/accounts, and driving more profitability aren't the struggles they are right now... a future where you're as proficient in these skills as you are in your core specialty...


➥Where you're having more conversations with the right people

➥Where you're winning more new deals, opening new relationships

➥Where you're keeping & hiring more of the right people with the right skills

➥Where you're being of greater service

➥And having more fun with more meaning!




You Are Here  Because  You Want to Eliminate the Frustrations, Challenges & Bottlenecks in Your Sales, Business Development, Estimating Process

Bruce Kirk comes with over 30-years in sales roles and entrepreneurial business ownership. Through Competitive Edge Selling™, he focuses his experience & wisdom to equip business owners, sales team leaders, and sales/business development/estimating professionals ---entrepreneurial professionals at heart--- to conquer their frustrations, challenges, and bottlenecks in 1-to-1 interactions, 1-to-1 prospecting, 1-to1 selling, and sales recruiting/sales leadership...

➥ Go from Good to Great... Great to Legacy

➥ Accelerate Growth & Profitability

➥ Be of Greater Service

➥ and Have More Fun with More Meaning!

You Are Here  Because  You Need a Partner with a Track-Record of Innovation & Entrepreneurial  Success

Over the course of his career, Bruce  has founded and led multiple innovative businesses across diverse industries---creating new and better futures for professionals in forestry, manufacturing, financial, medical devices... and now business ownership/sales strategy, and all things sales/business development.

Some notables:

➥ Bruce started a successful forestry consulting firm right out of college

➥ Bruce served as President/COO of a manufacturing company where he streamlined production and achieved 35% higher output with no added manpower, expanded market offerings/specialties, and achieved the highest monthly sales in the 25-year history of the company

➥ Grew a sales territory to #6 in the nation in it's industry

The 'Captain' is Here  Because  He Wants to Equip You to Be More, Do More, Achieve More So You Can Create a Better Future for Yourself and Those You Love.

Bruce is married to Susan and is the father of two adult daughters, Brianna and Ashlynne. He is active with Trade Associations, local Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, is an avid fisherman, loves Jesus, helicopters, and military history. In addition, Bruce served as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, founding a missions agency and leading a team of local missionaries to lead over 1,600 chronic drug addicts towards recovery and a faith-driven life. Bruce also founded and curates content for #CompetitiveEdgeSelling, #SlightEdgeSelling, and #ChuckleForYourDay.




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